The most essential components: 


– All elements, instruments and sounds in Music Maker 2016 


– 10 Soundpools for famous music types (e.g. Graph Hits, Trap and some more) 


– Premium instruments: Soundtrack Percussion, Concert Guitar 


– MIDI Editor with piano roll 


– Mastering Suite with Auto Mastering 


– Unlimited number of tracks 


Highlights of the new form: 


6,500 new sounds and circles 


Music Maker Premium contains a sum of 10 Soundpools with sounds, songs and rhythms from sorts like shake pop, 80s, hip bounce, profound house, techno and chillout. Just accessible in the Premium Version: Chart Hits, Trap, Metal and Movie Score Soundpools. 


A Complete Choir 


The Choir virtual instrument gives you a chance to play vocals utilizing your console and comes as a part of three unique voices (male, female and blended). 


Film Music Synthesizer 

The rich Cinematic Synth instrument furnishes you with a lot of space to make epic sounds, dim bass tones, and dynamic clamors ideal for motion pictures!